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We have officially opened up customs for quilt jackets only. (Supply your own quilt) We’ve had such a huge demand for this for so long and the time has come where we can make space for customs.




  • We do not work on quilts that are a sentimental piece to your family. Accidents happen and we don’t want to be held responsible for anything happening to a family heirloom of some kind.

  • We have 2 set styles for customizing. We do not use patterns outside of our own drafted ones. That said, different patterned jackets may work better with one style rather than the other. We ask that if you’re interested in a custom you come with an open mind.

  • sizing is based on quilt size. There’s only so much fabric so this affects sleeve style, Add ons such as pockets and collars etc.

  • Customs start at $350

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